When growing up I could never read a book  found it boring but was great working with my hands and loved been out doors building tree houses or, whatever I could build, somewhere without getting in trouble. This was an insight to what direction my career was going to go in. I completed wood work and construction studies with flying colours in school, and was thinking I want to be a Carpenter, however I have an interest in planes and would of loving to be a pilot also.

The motorbike crash took them careers away from me and I remember my surgeon asking me when in hospital what do you want to do when older and I said carpenter or pilot, the response I got was forget them work with computers, that fuelled the fire inside me to get on the road to recovery and didn’t stop me from trying them still to this day , because I still try some attempt wood work  and done a flying  lesson so the childhood dreams are somewhat way filled. To me this wasn’t enough because I still couldn’t do them for life and I didn’t want to go back to my surgeon and say, I’m working with computers so I signed up and attempted a welding course, which I loved and passed. Telling my surgeon that I was a qualified welder to his face working on site with one arm was a great feeling that day, don’t tell people what they can and cannot do, if there a will there’s a way. Funny enough I now do work with computers haha See below for list of employments roles I done and sports I do.

what I do

Work Employment - with Brachial Plexus Injury
  • I.T Engineer/Analyst

  • Qualified Welder (ARC, Mig and Tig)

  • Painting and decorating

  • Admin/Customer Service Call Centre

  • Recruitment Agent

  • Gardening/Landscape, Some Car Mechanics

sports - with Brachial Plexus Injury
  • Soccer

  • Muay Thai

  • Tag Rugby

  • Basketball

  • Gym

  • Running

  • Fishing

  • Golf

  • Crazy Mini Golf

  • Swimming

  • Go Karting

  • Water sports

  • Cycling

  • Surfing

  • Boxing

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