meet mark

Hi, my name is Mark. I was born and raised in Waterford, Ireland and had an absolutely fantastic childhood with amazing parents and a sister that were always very supportive and who mean the world to me. And yes, I was the messer of the family; always pranking and cracking jokes or annoying them in some way to get a laugh.


I went to school. Well, I was made go to school by my parents. I loved doing woodwork and construction studies in school. But, I never really had much patience for School because I just wanted to be out doing sports or hanging around with friends instead.


I was living a normal life until one night, when i was 16, I crashed my motorbike.

It changed my life forever.


I was rushed to hospital, and spent quite some time there. After several long operations trying to put me back together...they did...phew! I did sustain one permanent injury and that was a brachial plexus to my right arm. This means I severed the network of nerve fibers that run from my spine to my right arm which left me with no motor movement in it.


When awake and alert and told the extent of my injury, I quickly accepted it. I was just thankful I was still alive. 


Naturally, people assume my injury stops me from doing certain tasks or activities. But it doesn't. With determination, I adapt and overcome the obstacles in my own unique way. 


I am at a stage in my journey where I’m now on a mission to pass on my knowledge, experience and techniques to help others who find themselves in similar circumstances.  I hope by sharing, I will help others in some way to reach their own personal goals.

Me and my two trainers From Left to Right, Yann Troubat and Mark Seldy

 “We’re not just here to take part. We’re here to take over.”


Conor McGregor